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“I've never seen anything like this book; it's wonderful! And at 81, with over 30 years experience in the life insurance industry, I've seen a lot. Over the years, I've taken adult-ed computer courses locally, but none have given me the clear direction that your book has. Since buying a copy three weeks ago, I've been going through it chapter-by-chapter. You asked what part of it I found most helpful? ALL of it! I've even sent a copy to marketing vice president at my company's home office suggesting that he make it available to all our agents!”
—Ken Karr, Agent
GPM Life

Time is Money

You've heard that phrase before. but have you ever actually stopped to figure out what it means to you?

On one hand, there's what you're worth, the fee you charge for an hour of your time: $100, $200, whatever. On the other hand, there's your earning rate-what you actually make for each hour you work.

And then, for most people, there's the gap in between-their productivity gap.

This worksheet will help you calculate how productive you are right now and give you a sense of how much more productive you could be by applying the concepts contained in Winning Clients in a Wired World. To get started, fill in the blanks in the left hand column and then click on Calculate.

For an explanation of your results and examples of where Winning Clients might help improve your productivity, click here.


Annual compensation:
Avg hours worked a day:
Vacation days per year
(1 wk = 5 days):
1 hour of your time is worth:


Actual daily earning rate:
Actual hourly earning rate:
Productivity ratio:
Potential daily earning rate (at 100% productivity):
Value of saving 15 min each day for a year:
60 min:
Potential annual compensation (at 100% productivity):