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“I'm implementing your strategies across the board in my practice and am certain that they will improve my effectiveness in marketing to higher net worth clients, communicating with existing clients, and managing my business.”
—Tom Ricks,
Sagemark Consulting

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"No matter what your job title, you need to read this book. Your personal productivity will improve, your customers will appreciate you more, and your business will expand in ways you have only dreamed about."
—Hans Carstensen, Chairman and CEO
Aviva Life Insurance Company

"Finally. something definitive about applying technology in the workplace. This book is must reading for any financial professional who also wants to succeed as a business owner."
—Joby Gruber, President and CEO
FSC Securities Corp

"This is one book that won't sit on your bookshelf. Buy two; someone will probably walk off with the first one."
—Deena Katz
Author of Deena Katz on Practice Management

"Kip Gregory takes the fear out of learning your way around computers and the Internet, suggesting ways to streamline simple, but necessary, every day business tasks. Using the helpful hints in this book will enhance anyone's office efficiency whether you're a CEO or a CSR."
—Larry Grypp, President and CEO
Columbus Life Insurance Company

"This is one heck of a book. Everybody needs to have a copy of it in their library if not right on their desk. I've never seen so many tips and insights together in one place. I'm so convinced it will increase the productivity of my staff I'm building a training curriculum around it for everyone in my company."
—Bill Carter, President
Carter Financial Management
Past Chairman, Financial Planning Foundation

"A dazzling amount of information on how to tap the technology you own to be more successful. Continuous learning is a critical part of achieving your goals; Winning Clients in a Wired World spells out step-by-step how to build that competency for yourself or your organization."
—Sharon Gertz, Senior Vice President, Chief Fiduciary Officer

"Don't believe the title! This book doesn't include seven strategies; it's more like seven hundred! I loved it and it's now required reading for everyone in our firm."
—Harold Evensky, Chairman
Evensky, Brown & Katz
Author of Wealth Management

"Kip Gregory does a remarkable job of showing how technology, instead of creating another headache, can free advisors for their real job - serving clients."
—Evan Cooper, Former Editor-in-Chief
On Wall Street magazine

"One of the greatest challenges business leaders face today is figuring out how to effectively drive productivity and increase profitability. Gregory provides practical and actionable advice that any company, large or small, can use immediately to better compete and win in their marketplace."
—Timothy McMahon, CEO
Adams, Harkness & Hill, Inc.

"The technology journey simplified and targeted to meet business goals. In today's competitive environment you need an information advantage; this book gives it to you!"
—Jylanne Dunne, Executive Vice President, Relationship Management

"Winning Clients in a Wired World is packed with valuable business and sales management insights woven together with practical uses of technology throughout. It's a real winner!"
—Jay Hooley, Executive Vice President
State Street Corporation

"An excellent book you will find well worth your while! There are many useful techniques and activities that support the success formula: Revenue/Results = Activity × Effectiveness. I'm going to order it for my team and promote it in our workshops."
—Philip Simensen, Senior Vice President, Field Development
ING Advisors Network

"A great reference for any advisor who wants to take fuller advantage of today's computer and Internet opportunities."
—Ric Edelman, Chairman
Edelman Financial Services, Inc.
Author of The Truth About Money

"Lots of books stress the importance of leveraging technology and the Internet to operate more efficiently; this one outlines exactly how to get tangible economic benefit from what you've already invested in. Any financial services professional who is serious about improving their productivity should read Winning Clients in a Wired World."
—John Howard, President
Prudential Select Brokerage

"Very few books get you talking to yourself, saying thigs like "Wow, I didn't know that!" or "THAT will be extremely helpful." This book is one of them. What makes it a must read for those of us in the financial services industry is that it's written for us. It's full of ideas for making our professional lives more manageable."
—Charles Kittredge, Senior Vice President of Marketing
National Life Insurance Company

"I only wish I had read this book before I became a financial advisor; I could have saved thousands of hours of research and frustration. I would not hesitate to recommend that others buy it. It is invaluable!"
—Lee Pence
Pence Financial Advisors/The Strategic Financial Alliance (SFA), Inc.

"This outstanding resource should be on every financial advisor's desk. It provides hundreds of proven technololgy solutions that would take years of searching on your own to find."
—John Bowen, Chairman
CEG Worldwide, LLC
Author of Creating Equity

"Kip's book is a gift to the industry! Within minutes of picking it up, I was highlighting text, flagging pages, and implementing some very simple yet brilliant techniques. This is a must have resource for all advisors. Don't be left behind!"
—Sheryl Garrett, Founder
The Garrett Planning Network, Inc.

"Generating ideas is the easy part; moving them into action (execution) is the challenge. Kip tells you how structure and technology come to the rescue in getting that done."
—Rebecca Wingate, President
LifeMark Partners, Inc.

"My list of ideas to implement from this book is a page long. The sections on Web searching and disaster contingency planning could save you the price of the book one hundred times over!"
—Kirk Hulett, Senior Vice President, Strategy and Practice Management
Securities America, Inc.

"This is a cookbook of recipes for adding value to customer relationships. As a wholesaler, if you want to transcend the "product provider" role to become a partner who offers producers fresh ideas on growing and managing their business, learn and apply the strategies in these pages."
—Larry Carr, Senior Vice President
Travelers Life and Annuity

"This is a book filled with useful information. There is literally some idea or suggestion on every page that will save you time, help you serve your clients better, or help you build your business."
—Norman Boone, President
Boone Financial Advisors, Inc.

"This must-read book for salespeople, relationship managers, and exceutives provides great step-by-step details on how to access and utilize software and Web sites to function more effectively. More importantly, it shows you how to couple those tools with proven management and leadership concepts to ensure success."
—Gail Letts, Executive Vice President
SunTrust Bank

"Winning Clients in a Wired World is an antidote to computer frustration, spelling out simple, practical ideas for using the technology you own together with the Internet to find more time and more business."
—Myles Morin, Vice President, Wealth Management Sales
Manulife Financial

"There is more help in these pages than any book I have ever read! I'm amazed at how much I did not know and could implement so quickly, and I have been using cvomputers since 1981. I love it!"

"Kip Gregory tells you all you need to know to make better use of the Internet to serve your clients better, faster, and more efficiently. Kip's tips will improve your practice and simplify your life."
—Don Phillips, Managing Director
Morningstar, Inc.

"Want to build more value into your business and gain greater leverage from your people, tools, and processes? Study this book. Chapter by chapter, it lays out how you and your team can get more from computers and the Web in accessible, easy-to-follow language."
—Mark Tibergien, Principal
Moss Adams LLP

"This book succinctly divulges the how-to of working smarter, not harder. It's become a major component in the process of taking my practice to the next level."
—Raymond Carter, Vice President, Investments
R. W. Baird & Co. Inc.

"In today's rapidly changing business environment, effective use of technology is more critical to success than it's ever been. In Winning Clients in a Wired World, Kip Gregory puts technology's power within your grasp - with tips and action steps you can implement immediately to strengthen your business."
—Chip Roame, Managing Principal
Tiburon Strategic Advisors

"Looking to simplify your life, increase your earnings, and significantly increase your level of productivity? Read this book. Kip does a brilliant job in eliminating the trepidation advisors feel in utilizing technology. His tips are useful, practical, and easy to apply."
—Keith Gregg, First Vice President
Wachovia Financial Securities Network

"I'm implementing your strategies across the board in my practice and am certain that they will improve my effectiveness in marketing to higher net worth clients, communicating with existing clients, and managing my business."
—Tom Ricks
Sagemark Consulting

"Kip Gregory has taken the tenets of client-building skills to a new level."
—Karen Altfest, Co-Director, Investments Program
The New School
Author of Keeping Clients for Life

"This remarkable book on how to build a financial sevices practice shows you, in bite size pieces, how to harness the power of technology and the Web to create meaningful relationhips with your clients. Gift yourself a copy."
—Lisbeth Wiley Chapman
Author of Get Media Smart!

"You can open this book to any page and get at least one good, quick idea to use immediately. Kip makes connections with the financial industry so that you forget you're reading about "technology" and start thinking of ways to use your computer and the Web just like any other business resource - to produce."
—Elizabeth Kavelaris, Senior Vice President, Manager
Baird University, R. W. Baird & Co.

"Winning Clients in a Wired World provides concise, easy-to-implement strategies for advisors and their teams looking to use technology more efficiently in growing their practices. Even those who are technologically challenged can benefit from its easy-to-follow format."
—Jim Jessee, Senior Vice President, Director of Dealer Relations
MFS Fund Distributors, Inc.

"A brilliant, hands-on instruction manual, packed with insight and business wisdom. Read a few pages, and you're guaranteed to find exciting ideas you'll want to explore and implement in your practice some of the most exciting technology-based tips and ideas for financial services business I've seen."
—Peter Johnson, President

"Kip Gregory is easily the financial advice industry's leading expert on how advisors can use technology more effectively and this book, the ultimate resource."
—Andrew Buntain, Vice President, National Accounts
Dynamic Mutual Funds

"A must read for anyone who wants to grow their business using technology. I found some great ideas to help me."
—Richard Sullenger, President
Sullenger Financial Group
Immediate Past President, MDRT

"A great tool; full of timesaving, practical, useful, helpful ideas."

"The handwriting's on the wall for those who want to survive in financial services: how and why we get paid has changed dramatically. Many of the old ways of doing business are obsolete. In these days of digital communication and do-not-call lists, Kip Gregory's book tells you how to harness computers and the Internet to do everything from organizing your ideas and streamlining your systems to what we all want most - finding good prospects and providing great personal service to our clients."
—Richard Russo, Senior Vice President
Smith Barney

"Kip has put together a book that’s useful for novice and expert alike; a great road map for using technology to attract new clients or service existing ones. I have learned something new every time I’ve opened Winning Clients in a Wired World."
—Jim Stueve, Senior Vice President
AIM Investments

"Winning Clients is a godsend! My only problem is the subtitle; it’s misleading. It should read “Seven THOUSAND Strategies…” The payback in productivity should be 100 times the cost of the book in the first month alone. We are going to buy a copy for every employee."
—Lou Stanasolovich, CEO and President
Legend Financial Advisors, Inc.

"Kip Gregory has cracked the code on how to harness the power of today's technology without becoming a slave to it! Keep this book within easy reach, and take full advantage of the ideas it contains to build your practice, add more value to your client relationships, and push your business to the next level."
—Eric Miller, Vice President, Marketing
Protective Life Insurance Company

"This book is an excellent foundation for readers who want to improve their ability to organize and find critical information when they need it. The multiple shortcuts, web references and hints it provides are also very helpful in getting people up to speed faster."
—John Sestina, President
The Sestina Network
Author of Fee-Only Financial Planning

"In most practices, any time-saving innovations or improvements in quality have to come from the mind of the owner. Not any more. This book spells out all kinds of ways to leverage the information and technology you possess to your advantage. If you are serious about winning clients in today’s wired world, read it."
—Phyllis Bernstein
Phyllis Bernstein Consulting, Inc.

"It's refreshing to read a book geared toward financial services professionals that is immediately usable, concise, cohesive and substantial in content. In a information saturated industry, Kip Gregory delivers innovative technology based solutions to help advisors break through the clutter, save time and market more effectively. Advisors seeking to gain a substantial competitive edge and improve practice efficiencies will greatly benefit from this book."
—Mary Quist-Newins, CFP, ChFC, CLU
Regional Management Associate, Senior Financial Consultant

"Advisors will realize at least a 20% increase in their daily productivity by using Kip's strategies."
—Warren J. Mackensen, President
Mackensen & Company

"In an industry that’s become very complex and where our most precious commodity, time, has become even more dear, Kip Gregory's book, Winning Clients in a Wired World provides all sales, marketing and client service professionals an indispensable tool to substantially increase work flow efficiencies. Kip's compendium of tools and processes will allow you to not only gather assets more effectively, but also (and more importantly) provide a disciplined approach to satisfying and retaining clients."
—Frank Minard
Acartha Group

"You have taken the subject of technology and the Web, which for many is a very intimating and complex arena, and written an easy to follow success plan which anyone can follow."
—Keith S. Kelly, President

"Winning Clients is not a book to read, it is a book to use…a combination reference piece, workbook, and software manual…written specifically for financial advisors. I’ve implemented the Knowledge Journal on a couple of projects and feel more in control already. Kip puts success in gathering assets, experience and expertise in marketing, an understanding of technology and how to use it, and the ability to communicate complicated concepts simply all under one cover, which makes this book a winner."
—Lawrence Blonquist, President
Turnberry Financial Services

"Kip's practical application of technology is apparent throughout. Not technology for technology sake…a tool and desk-top reference of meaningful information, invaluable for practitioner and staff alike."
—Arthur Bavelas, President and CEO
Resource Network, LTD

"If you are in sales or marketing, or you manage a sales team, applying the ideas in Winning Clients in a Wired World should be an integral part of your game plan for achieving year over year increases in sales. Overlook this book and you're missing a huge opportunity to make your life easier, and your business more profitable."
—Mark McVeigh, Vice President, Financial Institution Sales
Aviva Life Insurance Company of America

"Winning Clients is an easy read, filled with excellent ideas on making a financial services firm more efficient and productive. My copy’s pages are 'dog-eared' from beginning to end with all kinds of suggestions I want to implement."
—Richard Sincere, President and CEO
Sincere & Co, LLC

"Today, the ability to utilize technology well is critical to success. This book makes complex technical issues relevant and easier to understand, especially for someone like me who did not grow up with a laptop in hand. My greatest challenge now is deciding what to implement first out of all the great ideas it outlines."
—Sandy Porter, President
Minerva Planning Group

"I've never seen anything like this book; it's wonderful! And at 81, with over 30 years experience in the life insurance industry, I've seen a lot. Over the years, I've taken adult-ed computer courses locally, but none have given me the clear direction that your book has. Since buying a copy three weeks ago, I've been going through it chapter-by-chapter. You asked what part of it I found most helpful? ALL of it! I've even sent a copy to marketing vice president at my company's home office suggesting that he make it available to all our agents!"
—Ken Karr, Agent
GPM Life

"Between your tips and Feng Shui, life almost works now!"
—Mary Lamb, Owner
Pacific West Advisors

"I recently purchased your book and have been working my way through it...great stuff...definitely one of the most important books on my shelf!"
—Tim Fortier, CIO
Castle Capital Management, LLC

"I am enjoying Winning Clients immensely and anticipate it being instrumental in allowing me to infuse needed focus and efficiencies in my business that will lead to the orderly, controlled and sustainable growth I seek. Thanks for writing such a helpful book!"
—Joe Caravello, Owner
Montgomery Financial Advisors